What the latest media-driven controversy misunderstands about comedy.
Dave Chappelle's White Privilege, Media Manchinema Syndrome, And The DOJ's Angry Parents Watch ListListen now (32 min) | In this episode, Shant and Zaid discuss Dave Chappelle’s white privilege, what’s behind the media’s unanimous vilification of Kyr…
The failure to admit what is plainly obvious is driving unnecessary school wars.
We shouldn't label disruptive behavior a national security threat.
A left-wing shibboleth collapses in the face of an Arizona Senator's recalcitrance.
Why are fake news stories on Twitter driving White House policy?Listen now (26 min) | How misinformed outrage and hysteria over an image from the southern border made it all the way to the President.
Overprotection can be under-protection.
Reid's nightly race war programming may have something to do with it.
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